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Consultancy For Business


As a highly-experienced barrister, I have advised companies and small businesses on various legal matters both domestically and internationally. Having recently worked in Kazakhstan and Armenia, I have particular experience in laws relating to Eastern Europe.

At a “grassroots” level, I have provided internal staff training on the implementation of policies and procedures involving anti-money laundering compliance, anti-bribery compliance, and fraud prevention.

I can provide you with strategic legal advice alongside management consultancy expertise giving you a complete solution to critical business and regulatory issues: regulatory compliance, IT-enabled change, and business advancement.  I understand that no aspect of business operates in a silo; therefore, I provide part of a multi-disciplinary approach to help your organisation find creative, revenue-generating solutions.


Business expertise

Having worked as a commercial barrister for over 15 years’, I have the necessary business expertise required to help you strategise for future success.  Thanks to my understanding of the commercial realities facing businesses today.  I can advise on:

  • business sales
  • mergers and joint ventures
  • commercial trading contracts
  • Intellectual Property licences
  • regulatory matters
  • shareholder issues and director’s duties, and related disputes

Every one of these areas required not only legal knowledge, but sound business acumen.  I can provide this to you in a pragmatic, straight-forward manner, swiftly identifying the strengths and weaknesses of your strategy and negotiating contracts robustly and efficiently.


Managing risk

All industries are working in increased regulatory environments.  Since the 2008 financial crisis, domestic and international laws and regulations have increased significantly.  I can assist you with creating and implementing a detailed risk management strategy, ensuring you protect your organisation from the disruptive, resource-draining events which follow a regulatory investigation.  In addition, having strong risk-management policies will provide potential investors and consumers with confidence in your business.

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Tanveer is happy to be contacted directly by individuals, solicitors, in-house counsel and other professionals. He primarily accepts instructions on a private basis, however, in limited circumstances, he will accept legal aid instructions.

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