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Allegations or investigations by the General Dental Council (GDC) can result in severe consequences, including being struck-off after facing hearings which can forever damage their professional reputation and confidence.

Advice and Representation For Dentist

I have in-depth experience in advising and representing dentists and other professionals in regulatory investigations and prosecutions.  I understand the tactics used by investigators and the limits of their powers.  In addition, I have a tenacious ability to bring to light evidence which serves to mitigate any sanctions or, preferably, bring the matter to a swift end.

If you have been invited to submit a written response to a complaint or are due to face a hearing before one of the GDC’s Practice Committees, contact me to receive the advice, guidance and support you need to get the best possible result with your case.

What are Case Examiner Responses?

When someone makes a complaint about you to the GDC, you will be informed in writing, and if the complaint necessitates an investigation, you will be invited to submit a written response to the GDC’s Case Examiners. After receiving your response, the Case Examiners will decide whether or not the case should be referred to one of the GDC’s Practice Committees for further consideration. It is essential that you receive expert advice on how to prepare your response, as what you state can have a significant impact on the outcome of the case. Over the years, I have assisted numerous dentists with their representations to the GDC. If you have been asked to submit a response, contact me today, and I can help you put together as robust a response as possible to the complaint.

What are Interim Orders Committee (IOC) Hearings?

Many dentists find at the beginning of a GDC investigation they are summoned to a hearing before the Interim Orders Committee (IOC), which will decide whether or not restrictions should be imposed on the dentist’s registration, pending the conclusion of a substantive investigation. If restrictions are imposed, these can remain in place for several months and can have a significant, sometimes devastating impact on a dentist’s ability to work and ultimately to earn an income. If you have been summoned to an IOC hearing, I have the expertise to help you get the right result.

What are Practice Committee Hearings in relation to allegations of dentist’s misconduct?

If the GDC’s Case Examiners decide there is a realistic prospect of a Practice Committee finding a dentist’s fitness to practice is impaired, they will refer the case to a Practice Committee, which will ultimately be tasked with deciding whether or not to take action against the dentist’s registration. Whether you are referred to the Professional Conduct Committee (PCC), Professional Performance Committee (PPC) or Health Committee (HC), with my years of experience and proven track record, I am well-placed to assist you. It is vital that you receive expert advice and assistance with preparation for the hearing, as well as robust representation, and I can provide you with the expertise, guidance and support you need to secure a positive outcome.

What type of sanctions can be imposed on dentists’ subject to a hearing?

The PCC, PPC or HC can impose a variety of sanctions including:

  • A reprimand
  • Placing conditions on the registrant’s registration for a set period
  • Suspension of the registrant’s registration meaning they will be unable to practice for a limited period
  • Erasure from the register meaning the dentist will be permanently unable to practice dentistry in the UK

If you are facing an investigation or a hearing, contact me immediately for expert legal advice and representation.  I have the contacts and expertise to ensure your best interests are protected, and your career and reputation are secure.

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Tanveer is happy to be contacted directly by individuals, solicitors, in-house counsel and other professionals. He primarily accepts instructions on a private basis, however, in limited circumstances, he will accept legal aid instructions.

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