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Regulatory Prosecutions

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Regulatory prosecutions can result in lost productivity, low staff morale, and high legal expenses, not to mention unwanted publicity and reputational damage. As a barrister with years of experience in advising and representing clients facing regulatory prosecutions. I have successfully acquired not guilty verdicts on cases involving allegations of breaches of trading standards and HMRC revenue offences.
My strengths lie not only in my ability to swiftly cut to the heart of a legal matter and spot the weaknesses in the prosecution’s case, but also my business acumen. For example, in health and safety prosecutions, the Court will consider the commercial reality a defendant has to operate in – I ensure that this is strongly presented to the judge. In addition, I will manage any media interest in a case on behalf of my clients, ensuring their reputation is protected throughout the investigation and possible court proceedings.

Once instructed, my focus is on taking every strategic step possible to avoid an investigation turning into a prosecution. I will provide an emergency response in the case of health and safety and environmental law incidents, working with your internal counsel and external legal advisors to quickly make an independent review of what happened. I will also attend all interviews under caution, to ensure your best interests are protected and you are not pressured into saying something that could lead to a negative outcome for you and/or your business.

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Tanveer is happy to be contacted directly by individuals, solicitors, in-house counsel and other professionals. He primarily accepts instructions on a private basis, however, in limited circumstances, he will accept legal aid instructions.

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