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Serious Crime

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Serious crime barristers are a select few.  Being responsible for a person’s liberty and ensuring their best interests are protected in a matter which may affect the rest of their life is an enormous responsibility, and one I am proud to take on.

Serious Crime Barrister

As an established barrister, with substantial experience in defending clients charged with serious criminal allegations, I will provide you with unmatched advice and ensure effective representation throughout all stages of proceedings.

Being accused of a crime can be extremely distressing. Not only can such allegations severely impact your reputation and livelihood, but your freedom may also be at stake. If you are facing a criminal allegation, you need access to the very best legal representation. I can defend you on a full range of criminal matters, including fraud, violence, drugs, money laundering and terrorism.

I have a reputation for being a “master tactician” amongst my peers and have a broad range of cases listed below that highlight my experience in this area.  In addition to committing to the sheer hard work required to get the best results for my clients, I have built trusted relationships with highly-respected experts in various areas who can act as persuasive and intelligent witnesses.

I work in all areas of serious crime and provide advice and representation on allegations of:

  • Murder
  • Manslaughter
  • Assault and Grievous bodily harm
  • Rape and other sexual offences
  • Drug offences
  • Firearm offences
  • Terrorism and extradition
  • Theft, burglary and robbery
  • Financial crime, including money laundering

A selection of cases where I have achieved significant success for my client are as follows:

  • R v. Ing – large scale conspiracy to steal high-value motor vehicles and then use parts to repair salvage vehicles – defendant was the only one to be acquitted
  • R v. Yaseen – largest ever seizure of class A drugs in South Wales, conspiracy to supply class A drugs
  • R v. Khan – conspiracy to steal and ring high-performance vehicle, defendant acquitted of lesser conspiracy
  • R v. Kula – conspiracy to supply class A drugs and possession of firearms offences, lead counsel, defendant acquitted
  • R v. Brown – defendant acquitted following defence of duress in relation to firearm offences
  • R v. Pickard – defendant acquitted of a conspiracy to clamp vehicles illegally and SIA breaches
  • R v. Fostock (ongoing) – defendant charged with money laundering arising from local authority fraud
  • R v. Zhu – lead counsel, defendant acquitted of conspiracy to kidnap, alleged to be part of an international criminal gang
  • R v. Halpin – championship boxer, facing allegations of class A drugs supply
  • R v. Hussain – million-pound cash bank/credit card fraud


  • Instructed in a variety of high profile terrorist cases and other organised crime prosecution
  • R v. Rahman (ongoing) – interpretation of s.12 Terrorism Act 2000
  • R v. Jaman – dissemination of terrorist publication over twitter concerned with encouraging people to travel to Syria and support ISIS
  • R v. Brooks – first-ever prosecution contrary to Counter Terrorist Act 2008
  • R v. Essay – similar case as above: concerned with encouraging people to travel to Syria and support ISIS
  • R v. Ali (ongoing) – Syrian Aid convoy/fraud allegations
  • R v. Benares – D charged with s.58 offences, first-ever successful submission that publication known as 39 ways does not fall within the ambit of s.58
  • R v. Fadi – D charged with s.58 allegation concerned with the inspire publication – acquitted of two counts
  • R v. Raham – conspiracy to bomb stock exchange – terrorist conspiracy
  • R v. Malik – D charged with s.57 and s.58 allegations – convictions quashed on appeal
  • R v. Brooks – prosecution concerning fundraising for terrorist purposes, when monies were raised to arm insurgents in Fallujah, Iraq
  • R v. Chowdhury – public order matters concerning Danish Cartoon

If you have been accused of a serious crime, it is imperative you seek urgent legal advice.  I can be instructed directly, or through a Solicitor.  My point of difference is that I have the tenacity and intelligence to immediately spot weaknesses in the Prosecution’s case and will use every strategic advantage to secure the best outcome for my clients, regardless of the seriousness of the charge.

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Tanveer is happy to be contacted directly by individuals, solicitors, in-house counsel and other professionals. He primarily accepts instructions on a private basis, however, in limited circumstances, he will accept legal aid instructions.

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